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Student Profile

Name: John P. Richgels

Class Year: 2016

Undergraduate Institution: University of Wisconsin- Madison

Undergraduate degree:  Bachelor of Business Administration in Estate Development and Urban Land Economics

How did your fellowship experience prepare you for your residency interviews and program? Many of the interview questions revolve around research experiences, and the fellowship allowed me to delve into my project and understand not only the details and the data, but the bigger picture of why wer'e looking at this particular procedure. Because of this, during the interview I was prepared to discuss specific findings, as well as to start a conversation on the utility of that particular procedure.

You continued your research after the summer of your fellowship.  How has this helped your educational experience? I believe research is a key component of being a physician and by getting involved in medical school, it gives you an understanding and appreciation of why it is important and it builds the foundation for more well rounded physicians.

What was the most valuable part of your experience? The relationships I formed with the faculty and residents I interacted with were a key part of my experience.  Under their mentorship, I gained the necessary skills to contribute to research and gained exposure to the field to which I'm dedicating my career.

What does alumni support mean to you? Alumni support is vital at an academic institution.  Their support makes it possible to give current and future students the programs, exposure and resources to make significant contributions to the field of medicine.  Additionally, alumni provide support by networking and introducing the students and future colleagues to opportunities that they may have missed if not for the Rush connection.

Why would you encourage alumni to contribute to this program? I believe this program is one of the best opportunities available for medical students.  It allows them to get exposure to research and explore career options early on in medicine.  Additionally, with the competition for residencies increasing every year, allowing the students to participate in meaningful research often gives them a head start.  This fellowship also gives the faculty unique teaching opportunities and can often translate into a meaningful mentorship.  Finally, this program is beneficial for the institution in general because the more the program is supported, the more projects that can be initiated, which can possibly lead to significant research for Rush.

Where do you see your career taking you 10 years from now?Hopefully in 10 years I'll be able to balance a busy clinical schedule with challenging OR cases. I'd also like to continue clinical outcomes research focusing on outcomes for emerging procedures.  Additionally, I'd like to be teaching in some capacity. I believe there is a duty to pass on the knowledge you've gained from those who came before you.