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Rush Medical College Alumni Challenge

Thank you to all the alumni who made gifts before June 30 to help meet the Rush Medical College Alumni Participation Challenge.

A total of 524 alumni stepped forward to make a difference for current medical students by giving back during the last fiscal year. This helped us surpass our challenge goal of 500 alumni donors before the June 30 deadline and secured an additional $50,000 for Rush Medical College.

481 alumni donors have met the challenge as of June 25

Why a challenge? The cost to educate medical students is rising at schools across the country. Rush students graduate with nearly $200,000 in debt on average. Rush Medical College Alumni Association President David W. Hines, MD 1981, and several past presidents — Harold Kessler, MD 1974, GME; Richard Melcher, MD 1974; and Karen Weinstein, MD 1983, GME — challenged alumni to help do something about it.