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Rush Medical College Student Mentor Program

The Rush Medical College Student Mentor Program was established to pair alumni with current medical students. The mentor program is meant to offer a rewarding experience for alumni as they connect with current students and Rush. Alumni will serve as a career resource and offer supportĀ to their student mentees throughout their medical studies. Alumni can register to mentor a student via the form below. Mentor and mentee expectations are also listed below.

Alumni Mentor Expectations:

  • Please inform your assistant and/or staff of your mentee's name and the purpose of his/her call or visit. This is to ensure that mentees have access to mentors.
  • Interact often. Encourage independent behavior, but be willing to invest ample time in your mentee.
  • Provide moral support and be liberal with feedback. Encourage and demonstrate confidence in your mentee.
  • As appropriate, invite your student to observe your practice - in clinic, patient rounds in hospital and surgery - and express the importance of "networking" in your profession.
  • Make suggestions as to how to balance professional and personal life.

Student Mentee Expectations:

  • Make the initial contact with your mentor. Always return your mentor's phone calls promptly.
  • Most mentors want the student to be confident - ask for visits and advice.
  • Feel free to ask questions concerning his/her practice and how he/she balances family and professional life.
  • Be courteous - remember that your mentor is a volunteer and that you are representing the medical college.
  • Always thank your mentor for his/her time.